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Ancient Aliens

Amazing Giza Pyramids-Wonders of the World

According to scholars,the great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt was built on what is considered to be the center of the earth. The Pyramid is perfectly aligned to the north. In side the Pyramid we can see small shafts aligned toward two specific constellations, Orion and Sirius.

History tells us that it took 22 years to build the great Pyramid. If it is true the Egyptians would have had to cut, transport, place one stone block every ninety seconds. And is without holidays and rest. And they have had to work whole 24 hours a day for entire 22 years


Cross section of the Pyramid

Inside the Grand Gallery of the Giza Pyramid, we find the most massive creations of stones. The stones are well placed next to one another. As rocks has a natural grain inside of it, we can assume that they cut it through the natural grain. What is fascinating fact about the stones inside the Grand Gallery, we can find two pieces of stones next to each other where the grain goes from one stone to the next without any loss of material. The problem is how is that done? It can be done by using a very thick blade or a chisel and a hammer. But to make those kind of tools there should have been a far developed technology..

A Tunnel in Pyramid

Now, what do the ancient texts tell us about who or for what purpose these pyramids were built? We have one very detailed description of how these massive stones were transported from the quarry to the building site, and it reads that the master builders had the capability of putting some type of a white, powder like substance onto the stones, and some “magical incantations” were spoken. And then they gave the stone block a push and it moved by six feet as if by magic. Did it really move by magic? No, something happened there. Some technology was implemented. What was that technology exactly.It has not revelaed yet.

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