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Ancient Celts- Earliest masters of Europe

The Celts were a collection of a cultural and linguistic group of people that had many internal similarities. It is believed that Celts have Central European origin and their culture date back to early 1200 BCE.

Celts spread primarily westward into Switzerland, British Isles, France, Northern Italy, and Spain through migration. Through time most of them were disappeared except in countries like Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Brittany; where their culture and language still exist.
Around 6th century BCE the Greeks identify them as “Keltoi” and later “Kel” by Romans. Greeks and Romans considered Celts as barbarians but the reality was entirely different. Celts were anything but barbarians. They had a well-managed higher society and they were specialized in fields such as metalworking, farming and etc.

As the Roman Empire expanded and with the reign of Julius Ceaser in the 1st century BCE, Celtic people and their culture in mainland Europe have been wiped out for a larger extent by Roman military expeditions.

King or chief was the head of the Celtic society. Warriors, Druids, Bards, and Craftsmen were held in high regard and considered as nobles. The lower class consists of farmers. The Celts were gifted with many artistic innovations including intricate stone carving and fine metal working. They made fine jewelry from gold, silver, and bronze. Celts adorned their bodies with brightly colored cloaks, torcs, and bronze armlets to express their wealth and status in the society. Celtic women used to wear makeup and styled their hair in plaits. Unlike the Roman women, the Celtic women had freedom, place, and power in the society.

Celtic Warrior

Celtic men wore their hair long and nobles fashioned themselves with long mustaches. They used a blue paint called “woad” to color themselves. They wore colored tunics, trousers and bracae. They were adorned with cloaks and jewelry to show their wealth and high rank in society.

The Celts were a warrior society. They gained a reputation for being fierce warriors and skilled horsemen who used war chariots in battle. Celtic armies first came to the attention when Gauls led by their king Bran, sacked Rome in 390 BCE.

Celtic Women

Even though Celts were a warrior society their gods and goddesses were equal.
Celtic warriors famous for the way they line their hair and make it stand up and pull it back to the back of their neck. This is a battle tactic used by them to frighten their enemy. They were armed with long wooden shields and long swords. They were fought as mercenaries in many Roman and other warfare, as well as they, were famous for their valor in the battlefield in the ancient world.

Celtic Crafts

The Celtic language is a branch of the Indo-European language family and has 2 groups. “Insular Celtic” and “Continental Celtic”. Continental Celtic was disappeared with the Roman imperial rule and only traces of it remains today. The Insular Celtic has 2 language groups, namely Brittonic and Goidelic. Brittonic was widely spoken Roman period and Goidelic which transformed to modern Irish is still spoken today.
The Celts were wealthy and intelligent population group and were playing a pivotal role in ancient Europe. Through time they faced many invasions, struggles and took part in mass migrations throughout Europe; their legacy is still prominent and very much alive in modern times displaying their pride in the ancient world.

Celtic Sword

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