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The Empire and life style of Aztecs

The Aztecs who developed a great civilization in central Mexico are descendent from a warlike tribe called Toltecs. The great city called Tula is one of their creation. Tula was their kingdom, what is now Mexico city.But after two and half century later, the Toltecs were concurred by Normadic tribe called Chichimeca. The Toltecs dispersed in all directions, leaving a legacy of legends and religious traditions that became very important in Aztec culture

A Aztec Worrier

The original home land of Aztecs was an island called Aztlan, which means “white land ”. Historians never found where Aztlan was or even whether it actually existed.according to the word’s meaning historians assume that Aztecs home land was situated near present-day Mexico. Historians believe that the formation of Aztec Empire was happened due to a conflict between to Native American tribes. One tribe fled away from the other to a swampy island near the western shore of Lake Texcoco. The lake Texcoco was situated in the valley of Mexico. This tribe was named as Aztecs, and they found the city of Tenochtitlan on this island. There is a legend that Aztec’s war god and the symbol of the sun who was known as “Huitzilopochtli” had led them to this island, where they saw an eagle with a serpent in its beak. Aztecs believed that the meaning of this symbol is to build temples and nourish the sun with human sacrifices

Aztecs Sacrificing humans

The meaning of Tenochtitlan was “place of the stone cactus”. Thanks to the advanced engineering projects and great military strength of Aztecs, Tenochtitlan became a grand, thriving city. Like Mayans Aztecs also had a great knowledge in building roads and causeways to connect their island city to the main land. Aztecs build large number of Pyramid shaped religious temples. Aztecs believed in two gods namely Quetzalcoatl, Tezcatlipoca. They believed the Quetzalcoatl as the god of wind and life while Tezcatlipoca was the god of night and sorcery.

Aztec society was consists of three main classes. They were nobles, commoners and slaves. Priest and rulers were considered as nobles. Nobles had the power of controlling and owning lands. Commoners were the people in the middle class. Some of them had the right of owning lands. The commoners who didn’t had the right to own lands had to work in noble’s land and share the big part of harvest with nobles. The people who did some sort of crimes, who couldn’t pay their debts and the prisoners considered as salves. They had to work for the nobles and commoners without any payment. Slaves faced lot of horrible tortures from their masters, sometimes even death. The salves who were managed to escape from their masters and reached the royal palace safely were awarded their freedom.

Aztecs ruins

Aztecs build floating farming lands called Chinampas. Historians believe that Aztecs Chinampas as very fertile lands. Aztecs build Chinampas by using silt and floating tree roots. Aztecs grew corn, grain, and beans on this farming lands. Aztec daily meal mainly included animals and plants. They eat locusts, algae, larvae nests and iguanas.
Aztecs held lot of religious rituals and ceremonies. Sometimes those rituals became like meetings. In those meetings they discussed about their ruling system and invading.

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